Where can I get help?

Where can I get help?

If your father or your mother's boyfriend should hit her or you or if you feel as if you are under pressure or do not know how to carry on, you can contact an advisory bureau for children, youths and parents. You can also go to an advisory bureau with any other problems you might have.

We have listed some addresses of advisory bureaus in North Rhine-Westphalia for you.

If you do not live in North Rhine-Westphalia or if you don't find your home town here, call the Number Against Worries, this is the 0800 – 111 0 333.

Professionals work at the advisory bureaus, who are able to help you with your questions and problems. You can go to any advisory bureau you choose.

You can give them a call or you can go there during opening hours. You will then be given an appointment often for the same day, if you want one.

Most of the advisory bureaus also have open office hours, during which you can obtain assistance. An advisor will then have the time to speak to you. The times of the opening hours and the open office hours are available from the advisory bureaus in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The discussions are held in absolute confidence and your parents will also not be informed that you visited an advisory bureau!