What does the law say?

What does the law say?

If one of your parents hits the other one, you can call the police. Their telephone number is 110

The police can send a violent parent away from home for 10 days.*

In 90% of cases of domestic violence it is usually the mother who is the victim.

The parent who has been violent has to leave the keys behind and leave the house or flat.

He is not to return to the home during this period. This will be checked by the police.

In the future, your mother is able to live in the home alone. To do so, she must submit an application to the court within the 10 days. The court makes a decision with an additional period of 10 days. Neither your father nor your mother's boyfriend are to enter your home during this period.**

Your mother can contact an advisory bureau for women. They will help her:

The addresses and telephone numbers of the advisory bureaus for women in North Rhine-Westphalia are available from www.frauenberatungsstellen-nrw.de. There you or your mother can find an advisory bureau close to you.

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*   Police Act for the Land North-Rhine Westphalia

**  This is the case in North Rhine-Westphalia. It can differ in other federal states.