What is a women’s shelter?

What is a women’s shelter?

A women's shelter accommodates women and their children who have been physically attacked or abused by their husband or boyfriend.

In the women's shelter, you can live in a safe environment.

There is a women's shelter in almost every town or city.

The mothers can live with their children until they have found alternative accommodation.

Mothers and their children have their own room in the women's shelter. There are kitchens, bathroom, playrooms, living rooms and a garden with a playground.

Female staff look after the women and children in the women's shelter.

If necessary, school pupils can attend a school which is close by.

Women´s shelters have much to offer for children:

  • Playgroups for smaller children
  • Recreational groups for school children and teenagers
  • Individual discussions with children
  • Assistance with homework

If a woman wants to come to a women's shelter, she should give them a call. A member of staff will then tell her what she should Thu.

The addresses and telephone numbers of the women's shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia are available from www.frauen-info-netz.de. There you or your mother can find a women's shelter close to you.

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